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Red, sore gums? Here’s what you need to do

Are you worried about your inflamed gums? There’s help in sight. Read on to find out more about the causes of sore gums and what you can do to stop the pain and discomfort.

Are you noticing red gums? This may be the reason

Gums are made of fibrous tissues, full of blood vessels, and are sturdy enough to support your teeth for a lifetime of chewing, nibbling, and tearing through food. When they are irritated or infected, they can quickly become sore, red or even swollen because there is simply nowhere else for the extra blood to go. 

This swelling turns your healthy, pink gums into gums that are red and sensitive, leading to pain whenever you brush or floss. 

Gums play a major role in keeping your mouth healthy, and the more you know about what can cause aching, red and sore gums, the better equipped you’ll be to avoid these factors and keep your mouth healthy.

Zendium Red and swollen gums

Your gums are sensitive to the health of not only your mouth but also your overall wellbeing.

What causes sore and tender gums?

Your gums are sensitive to the health of not only your mouth but also your overall wellbeing. As a result of their ability to reveal health issues so clearly by changing colour, it makes sense that the causes of aching, sore and red gums can be related to both dental and general health. Some of the potential causes include:  

  • Gingivitis: A common condition that causes the gums to swell and turn red due to a bacterial infection, usually above the gum line where regular brushing and flossing can’t reach. 
  • Malnutrition: A serious ailment that affects every system of the body. The evidence of malnutrition can be visible quite quickly in the form of red gums. 
  • Tooth decay: What begins as a sore or sensitive tooth can quickly become a more complicated problem if left untreated, starting with sore, red gums around the tooth.
Zendium Swollen and tender gums

Sore gums: What to do?

Here are some simple tips you can try to help manage any accompanying pain or discomfort from red and sore gums. But remember to speak to your dentist or doctor if you have red and sore gums. It is always a good idea to consult a professional before trying any self-care remedies. Keeping up with your daily mouth care regime and getting regular check-ups can help to prevent issues in the future. 

  1. Practice good dental hygiene, gently brushing and flossing daily. Swap toothpaste or mouthwash that could be irritating your gums for a mild and gentle one, like Zendium. 
  2. Gurgle saltwater to draw some of the swellings out of your gums. 
  3. Eat (sugar-free) cold foods for momentary relief. 
  4. Take anti-inflammatory medications, under doctor supervision. 
  5. Visit your dentist for a professional cleaning. Regular deep cleaning can help eliminate the chances of bacterial infections or tooth decay, causing sore and tender gums in the future.  

As a preventative measure, try switching to a Zendium toothpaste. It contains the same enzymes and proteins as the mouth and is clinically proven to fight the causes of gum bleeding and inflammation, giving you healthier gums* and a more resilient mouth, naturally. 

Swollen, red gums may be uncomfortable but by consulting your dentist and determining the cause and best remedy to use, you’ll be well on your way to relieving sore gums and restoring a healthy, happy mouth. 

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*Based on results in 113 people who used Zendium, in a gum health clinical study, UK 2017.

The advice in this article does not constitute medical advice, it is solely available for information purposes. We recommend that you consult your dentist if you are experiencing any gum problems.