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Support your mouth's natural defences

Building healthy habits

Eating a healthy diet, taking regular exercise, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep: these are examples of healthy habits that we’re all familiar with. 

But did you know that brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes, with a toothpaste that contains both fluoride and helps balance your microbiome, is a healthy hygiene habit that can help support your mouth’s natural immunity?

Together with a yearly check-up at your dentist, it’s a simple way to protect your health and care for yourself. As with any healthy habit, caring for your oral health helps you feel better about yourself. It’s all positive.

Understanding your body’s defence system

We have two lines of defence against disease-causing pathogens (i.e. viruses, bacteria, toxins, parasites and fungi).

  1. External barriers These stop pathogens entering our bodies. They include skin, stomach acid, mucous in the nose, and saliva in the mouth. They are known as our first line of defence.
  2. Our immune system This works inside our bodies, once a pathogen has entered. We have two types:

Innate immunity which provides a rapid and general response when the body detects signs of an infection.

Acquired immunity which provides defences targeted against a specific invader. This acquired immunity gives your body a ‘memory’, which offers protection should you encounter that infection again. This is how vaccines work.

Zendium Microflora

Saliva’s protective mechanism

Saliva in your mouth is a first line of defence against pathogens and saliva is part of the amazingly complex immune system, designed to protect us by helping keep our mouths healthy.

It contains a balance of ingredients including enzymes and proteins. Some are able to either trap or remove bad (pathogenic) bacteria, while others help good bacteria flourish.

Zendium toothpaste was inspired by the way the mouth naturally protects itself and contains some of the same enzymes and proteins that are found naturally in saliva. Zendium’s unique ingredients are amyloglucosidase, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase, lactoferrin, lysozyme and colostrum. Lactoperoxidase, lactoferrin and lysozyme are amongst the most studied enzymes and proteins in saliva and each has a natural antibacterial action.

Today the protective power of our saliva may need a boost due to the effects of our modern lifestyles and eating habits. Zendium is proven to boost saliva’s natural defences by 60%.

The oral microbiome

The oral microbiome is the delicate ecosystem of bacteria naturally found in our mouths. It needs the right balance of bacteria to stay healthy and help protect our mouths and bodies.
A healthy, balanced microbiome helps support our immune system.

Immune system triggers

Gum inflammation is your body’s response to a build-up of bacteria at the point where your tooth meets your gum. Irritated and inflamed gums can be a sign that your immune system has been triggered. Your body detects the toxins released by the bacteria and responds by triggering inflammation to try and fight the bacteria.

Zendium’s prebiotic benefit

Zendium contains natural enzymes and proteins. The enzymes and proteins in saliva, and those in Zendium, help keep a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in the mouth.  Bad bacteria are the source of mouth health problems including cavities, gum issues and bad breath. Good bacteria can help protect your mouth.

The enzymes and proteins in Zendium work to both boost good bacteria that promote gum health and target problem-causing bad bacteria.  

As the role of good bacteria in health has become better understood, the search for prebiotics (ingredients that help good bacteria to flourish) has gathered momentum.   

We say that Zendium delivers a prebiotic benefit because, like a prebiotic, it boosts the good bacteria in the mouth. This strengthens the mouth’s natural defences.


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Probiotic and prebiotic. What’s the difference?

Probiotics are live, good bacteria, whereas prebiotics are ingredients which support good bacteria, often by providing the nutrition they need. By supporting good bacteria, prebiotics help to crowd out the bad bacteria and so deliver a health benefit. 

Antibacterial, not anti-viral

Viruses and bacteria are very different. 

Toothpastes with antibacterial ingredients are designed to fight bad bacteria, as these can be the source of many mouth health problems including cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

Zendium’s antibacterial ingredients combat bad bacteria and support your mouth’s natural defences. Its mild formulation also protects the soft tissues, so it’s ideal for even the most delicate mouths. Kind and effective, clinically proven.