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Inspired by the body. Backed by science.

Zendium is an SLS-free, fluoride toothpaste that represents a new approach to oral health. Through ingredients that boost saliva's natural protection mechanisms, Zendium balances the oral microbiome and improves gum health.*1-3 Clinically proven.


Recent scientific advances, including next-generation DNA sequencing, have enabled us to learn more about the positive effects of Zendium in the mouth. Further studies show that Zendium improves gum health and is also gentle on the mouth.4 Explore the clinical evidence supporting Zendium toothpaste below.

Blue bacteria

Zendium balances the oral microbiome

Landmark microbiomic study demonstrating Zendium’s effect on bacterial species in the mouth


Woman showing healthy gums

Zendium improves gum health

Clinical and real-world studies demonstrate a significant improvement in gum health with Zendium


Pipette showing active formulation

Zendium has an active formulation

Zendium’s natural enzymes and proteins are effective at boosting natural salivary defences


Cross section of water

Zendium is gentle on the mouth

Clinical study demonstrating Zendium’s effect on the soft tissues of the mouth


* Refers to the oral plaque microbiome and the relative abundance of bacterial species with a known association with gum health or disease after 14 weeks of brushing twice a day with Zendium when compared to baseline.

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