natural an effective

Patients looking for natural yet effective oral care approaches

Taking a natural approach without compromising efficacy

Patients are more and more interested in what they put into their body through the foods they eat, and what they put onto their body through the products they use. The same goes for oral hygiene products: natural ingredients are becoming more common and many patients are seeking out alternative approaches. Some toothpastes with natural ingredients don’t contain fluoride and can lack proven clinical efficacy; therefore, when patients look for natural ingredients, we must be certain there is no compromise on health.

Zendium is inspired by the mouth’s natural protection system

The mouth has a natural ability to protect against oral infections and disease. This is mostly due to the remarkable properties of saliva and its protective enzymes and proteins, which help to maintain a balanced oral microbiome and healthy mouth. 

Zendium takes its inspiration from how the mouth naturally protects itself. Zendium is a daily fluoride toothpaste containing natural enzymes and proteins reflecting some of those found in saliva. Through its active ingredients, Zendium boosts natural antimicrobial components in saliva, including hydrogen peroxide and hypothiocyanite, helping to maintain a balanced microbiome. 

Zendium is backed by clinical evidence

Zendium offers a natural approach to oral care, but crucially, with proven efficacy. Zendium is clinically proven to improve gum health naturally, by balancing the oral microbiome* with 0% SLS, it’s also clinically proven to be gentle on the mouth.

A paradigm shift in oral care

Zendium is suitable for people looking for natural approaches to oral health that avoid harsh chemicals without compromising on efficacy.

*Refers to the oral plaque microbiome and the relative abundance of bacterial species with a known association with gum health or disease after 14 weeks of brushing twice a day with Zendium when compared to baseline.