gum leaflet

Gum health educational leaflet

There are certain patients who are more likely to present with poor oral health. For example, pregnant women, people with a poor diet, those suffering from conditions such as diabetes, or patients under stress are all vulnerable to gum problems. Other patients frequently suffer from aphthous ulcers, making their mouths sensitive to brushing.

The latest research suggests that early signs of gum problems can be a flag for a disturbance in the natural balance of the microbial species in the mouth, allowing disease-causing species to dominate. In these early stages of disease, dental practitioners have a unique opportunity to intervene with oral care recommendations and advice to address the balance and help restore health.

Share this leaflet with your patients to help reinforce educational messages about oral health. It contains easy-to-read advice on healthy brushing techniques and managing ulcers. The leaflet explains how Zendium is an effective yet mild approach to oral care that can help balance the microbiome naturally and is gentle on the soft tissues of the mouth