Protecting the natural world around us. And protecting the natural environment in our mouths.


We believe in nurturing and protecting what nature has given us – in our mouths, and in the world around us, selecting the ingredients and packaging that we really need. Here’s how we look after our planet.

Zendium toothpaste made of Plant based bio plastic

Over 60% plant-based plastic

We use plant-based plastic in our toothpaste, which removes CO2 from the air

Zendium reduces waste with recycled packaging

Less Waste.

We use recycled plastic for our toothbrushes and mouthwashes, and recycled carton for our multipack boxes.

Zendium helps to save water with fast rinse

Save Water

Our SLS free formula rinses out fast, helping you to save up to 4L of water per week.

Zendium Unilever produced using 100% Renewable energy

100% Renewable Energy

Our factories only use renewable grid electricity from clean sources.

Zendium natural enzymes

100% natural enzymes

Boosting natural mouth health with the same enzymes found in your mouth

zendium prebiotic benefit boosts good bacteria

Prebiotic Benefit

Improving your mouth’s microbiome by boosting the good bacteria

Zendium SLS free toothpaste

SLS free

No harsh foaming agent and no change of taste after brushing

Zendium purpose healthy mouth healthy body


We want to change the way the world thinks about mouth health. To promote the link between the oral microbiome and the rest of the body. And to protect your mouth at every stage of life. It all comes down to helping people live longer, healthier lives.

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